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Fluid Chords FAQ

  1. Does Fluid Chords work with any midi controller?

Yes! Fluid Chords works using any standard MIDI controller with a pitch bend wheel. You will not require any special MPE device like the ROLI Seaboard or Sensel Morph etc to perform chord bending.

  1. Why does Fluid Chords use MPE synths?

To deliver chord bending, we need to change the pitch bend up/down values for every individual note of a chord in real-time. This is only possible using MPE/MIDI 2.0 protocol hence why Fluid Chords requires MPE supported synths.

  1. What’s the difference between Fluid Pitch and Fluid Chords?

– Fluid Pitch is a MIDI FX plugin that allows you to scale lock your pitch bend wheel so that you don’t land on a wrong note whilst pitch bending, which is a limitation of the traditional pitch bending system. Additionally Fluid Pitch also allows you to pitch bend polyphonically but it’s only limited to a set number of notes. 

– Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plugin that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord so that you can create harmonies that have never been heard before like bending from a triad to a complex chord musically, bending from a single note to a chord or also creating unique pitch FX like chord risers etc. The possibilities of chord bending are truly endless unlike the polyphonic bending in Fluid Pitch.

  1. What’s the difference between Fluid Chords VST and Fluid Chords Standalone app? 

Fluid Chords VST/AU is a quick way to experience Fluid chord bending in your DAW. It works just like any other instrument plugin and can be inserted directly onto the MIDI track in your DAW and it can host your favourite MPE synths right inside it and deliver chord bending. 

Fluid Chords standalone app works outside your DAW by taking the MIDI input directly from your MIDI keyboard and converting it into MPE data. This can then be recorded into MPE supported DAW like Ableton, Bitwig, Studio One and Cubase to view or edit individual notes and their pitch bend data. 

  1. Is there a MIDI FX version of Fluid Chords?

Yes, Fluid Chords update V1.0.4 included ‘Fluid Chords MFX’ for Logic Pro X users. You can now insert Fluid Chords in the MIDI FX section and your favourite MPE synth in the instrument section.

You can also choose to use stock Logic synths by enabling ‘MIDI mono mode with common base channel 1’.


Fluid Chords Walkthrough

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