Fluid Pitch - The Next-Gen Pitch Bend System
The Next-Gen Pitch Bend System
Fluid Pitch locks your pitch bend wheel to your chosen scale so you never land on a wrong note ever! We call it ‘Scale-locked pitch bending’

Fluid Pitch

The Next Gen-Pitch Bend System

One Plugin, 3 Super Powers
Scale Locked Pitch Bending

Scale - locked Pitch

Finally, a way to get that pitch wheel to stay within a scale. Pick a key, set a scale and never land on a wrong note ever!

Polyphonic Pitch Bending

Pitch bending

Pitch bending single notes is so 1980s. You can now bend whole chords and come up with exciting phrases!

Micro Tuning


Micro tune individual notes on your MIDI keyboard to play Arabic maqams and Indian ragas in just one click!

Hear it in Action!
Here are 5 things you can only do on Fluid Pitch!

Product Demos

Awards Won

Featured In

Artists Using Fluid Pitch

“Fluid Pitch has a lot of potential and inspires me to think of new phrases.”

AR Rahman

Two time Grammy and Oscar winning Composer

“The one word that comes in mind to descibe the new Fluid Pitch software, Awesome”

Jordan Rudess

Grammy Nominated Artist, Dream Theatre

“Fluid Pitch is very impressive”


EDM Artist & DJ

“Fluid Pitch is a great idea, Killer work!”

Brian Transeau

Grammy Nominated artist of Electronic Music

“Thanks to Fluid Pitch now I can orientalize any synth or sample library instantly”

Karem Matar

Arabic Music Composer, Arranger

“Fluid Pitch is the plugin we always wish we had but never thought was possible”

Sanjay C

Music Producer & YouTuber

“Fluid Pitch takes out the fear of improvising new melodies with just two clicks”

Karthick Devaraj


“Fluid Pitch is a magical auto-tune plugin for your pitch bend wheel and I really find it like a game-changer!”

Mahesh Raghvan

Music Composer, Producer & Performer

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 10 (64 bit), OS X 10.11 and above, Windows 7 (64 bit) will run and not officially supported.
AU (Mac only), VST VST3, AAX (Monophonic only), iOS – In Beta stage, will be available soon.
DAW Compatibility
Cubase – VST3,VST, FL Studio – VST, Studio One – VST, Logic Pro X – AU,Reaper – VST, MainStage – AU, Bitwig Studio – VST, Gig Performer – VST3, VST, Tracktion Waveform – VST3, VST, Cakewalk – VST, Ableton Live 11 – Standalone App, Ableton Live 10 – Only monophonic mode, Reason – Standalone App, Maschine – Standalone App, Digital Performer – Standalone App, Samplitude – Standalone App.
Intel, AMD, Apple Silicon.
Synth Compatibility
Monophonic mode: Any Software synth or hardware synth, Polyphonic mode: Only MPE supported synths such as Fxpansion Strobe, Cypher2, Roli Equator, Xfer Serum, Madrona Aalto, Kaivo, Arturia Pigments, Matt Tytel Vital, SST Surge, Tracktion 4OSC Audio Damage Quanta and much more! Logic Pro X Synths: All built-in Synths are Supported using MIDI Mono mode with common base channel 1.

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