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Groove Shaper V 1.1 Update – Everything you need to know

We’ve just released a massive V1.1 update with your much requested features & improvements!

Enjoy an even groovier experience today! 🙌🏽

Watch the new features in action 👇🏼

What’s new in Groove Shaper V1.1?

1. New ‘Edit’ Mode

Easily tweak Velocity, Gate, Mute notes, and more with our Advanced Edit Mode!

2. Brand New Tool Bar

Our new toolbar is now conveniently located for easy access. Enjoy seamless navigation and efficiency like never before 🚀

3. Improved Preset Browser

Discover newly added Presets and categories with ease through our new and improved Preset Browser UI.

Release Notes :

4. New Sequencer Modes

  • Note Limit: Choose one or a few notes to play in a sequence while the other notes play independently. For instance, you can have a repeating pattern for hi-hats while freely playing the kick drum alongside it.
  • Split: Divide your keyboard into two sections, each assigned to a different sequence. This means you can have one pattern for the left side of the keyboard and another pattern playing on the right side of the split point.
  • Hold : A single Shape loops upon MIDI input and advances to the next shape after each re-trigger.

5. Extended Sequencer Length

  • Enjoy an expanded creative canvas with the addition of extra bars within Groove Shaper.

6. Intuitive Shape Editing

  • Effortlessly paint shapes with click-and-drag functionality, while deleting shapes is made easy with a simple right-click-and-drag action.

7. Expanded Preset Library

  • Dive into a wealth of new sonic possibilities with the inclusion of new presets and categories.

8. Enhanced Swing & Delay Algorithms

  • Introducing a new algorithm for seamless swing and delay movement, alongside individual note delay functionality.

9. MIDI CC Control

  • Simplify your workflow with right-click to MIDI CC Learn functionality for Sequence Settings sliders.

10. Advanced Arpeggiator Modes

  • Explore new musical dimensions with both global ARP modes and individual shape ARP modes.

11. Customizable Note Transposition

  • Tailor your compositions with individual shape note transpose capabilities.

12. Flexible Tempo Options

  • Discover new rhythmic possibilities with the introduction of 1/4x Tempo.

13. Automation Parameters

  • Fine-tune your productions with even more automation parameters for enhanced control and creativity.

Groove Shaper V1.1 is a FREE update for all users

Packed with fun & functional features, V1.1 is a MUST-HAVE update for instant & inspiring rhythms 🔥

Download the latest installers from your Pitch Innovations dashboard.

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