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Fluid Chords V 1.5 Update – Everything you need to know

From new modes to skins, get ready for an even more fun experience with this must-have update!

Watch the new features in action 👇🏼

What’s new in Fluid Chords V1.5?

Introducing ‘Auto’ Mode

A laptop friendly mode to bend between chords seamlessly – No pitch bend wheel required!

New ‘Moon-light’ Skin

A captivating visual experience for harmonies, after hours!

New ‘Real-time’ mode with Auto Glide

Experience fluid transitions between chords with Auto Glide in ‘Real-time’ mode, eliminating the need for the pitch wheel.

Dive into uninterrupted musical expression, on the fly!

Other Updates :

  • Chord Lock : Lock your chord preset whilst exploring diverse sound presets for effortless experimentation, and creative discoveries.
  • Loading a sound preset will load corresponding a chord preset for instant inspiration.
  • Hiding the Help Tray will also hide the on-screen help text
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fluid Chords V1.5 is a FREE update for all users

You can download the latest installers from your Pitch Innovations dashboard.

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