Fluid Chords

Fluid Chords is an innovative chord bending system which opens musicians to new world exploring great and inspiring ideas

16. Fluid Chords : Fluid Chords MIDI FX in Logic Pro X

Fluid Chords’ MIDI FX version is recommended for the ease of Logic Pro X users. Fluid Chords MFX can be inserted in the ‘MIDI FX’ insert and an MPE compatible instrument or stock Logic Pro X plugin should be inserted via the ‘Instrument’ insert. In this video, lets see how we can use Fluid Chords […]

14. Fluid Chords : Automation

14.1 Automating the synth parameters Fluid Chords gives you access to host your favourite MPE synths right inside it. With the new update, you can now automate your synth’s parameters with Fluid Chords.  To do that, open your synth and click on ‘Link parameters’. Once you do that, all the parameters will be mapped automatically.  […]

13. Fluid Chords : Settings

13.1 Transpose In the “Settings” menu, you can enable “Show Transpose” to activate the transpose counter for each chord trigger. Changing the value will transpose the corresponding chord in semitones. 13.2 Global Transpose In the “Settings” menu, changing the “Global Transpose” will transpose all the stored chords in semitones. 13.3 Distribute Notes  This feature is […]

12.Fluid Chords : Bending Features

12.1 No Last: This feature ignores return travel of the pitch bend wheel. 12.2 No Return: With this feature on, new notes always play in their original pitch irrespective of the pitch bend wheel position, making it easier to play a fluid progression.

11. Fluid Chords : Bending Modes Explained

Fluid Chords can work in three types of bending modes 11.1 Fixed Mode In this mode the chords stored in the adjacent triggers are automatically assigned to be your pitch bend up or down chords. If you pitch bend up from a chord trigger, the next nearest chord is assigned as the target chord. If […]

10. Fluid Chords : Overview of using the Standalone App

     The standalone version is an app that will run outside the DAW and will be connected via the “Fluid Chords STANDALONE” virtual port. Please make sure to select “Fluid Chords STANDALONE” as the MIDI Output in the standalone’s “Audio/MIDI Settings” and select “No Sound” as the sound preset. Using Fluid Chords Standalone App […]

09.Fluid Chords : Chord Presets

The chords in the chord-triggers can be stored as a “Chord preset”. Chords preset have extension “.FCCPreset” 9.1 Factory Chord Presets  Presets bundled with the plugin are called Factory Presets and are not editable. Their folder paths are as follows,     9.1.1 Factory Presets on Mac OS      Shared -> Documents -> Pitch Innovations […]

08. Fluid Chords : Sound Presets

The hosted synth preset can be stored as a “sound preset” and loaded in the future. You can access all your sound presets in the “Synth” menu -> “Synth Name” -> Sound Presets Note – Sound presets have the extension “.FCSPreset”   8.1 Saving a sound preset You can save a new sound preset by […]

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