Fluid Chords

Fluid Chords is an innovative chord bending system which opens musicians to new world exploring great and inspiring ideas

01. Fluid Chords – The Ultimate Chord Bending System

     We all have tons of plugins that we own but what we really need is innovative & inspiring ways to use them – and that’s where Fluid Chords comes in! Fluid Chords is the result of us wanting to have a playful yet powerful tool to create unique chord progressions and create the […]

02. Fluid Chords : Installation, Activation & Deactivation

2.1 Fluid Chords: Installation      To download the latest installer, log on to pitchinnovations.com and download the appropriate installer for your operating system. You can also customize your installation and choose which version of Fluid Chords you would like to install on your system.  Purchase our product from Pitch Innovations – Our Plug-ins 2.2 […]

04. Fluid Chords : How to use the plugin

Fluid Chords can be used in multiple ways. It can be used either as, Instrument Plugin (named as “Fluid Chords”) : “Fluid Chords” is a hosting enabled MIDI-FX plugin that can be used just like any other instrument plugin by inserting it on a MIDI track. You can host your favorite MPE synths via the […]

05. Fluid Chords : Hosting MPE Synths

     Fluid Chords uses MPE technology to deliver chord bending and hence, capable of hosting third-party MPE synths within the plugin. Before loading the synths, they need to get scanned using the plugin scanner.  Note – Plugin Scanning is a one time setup. 5.1 Plugin Scanner – Scanning Plugins       To scan existing […]

06. Fluid Chords : Chord Triggers

     To bend from one chord to another, the chords need to be saved inside the chord triggers. You can record and store up-to 8 chords in the chord triggers. Hovering over the chord trigger will display the name of the chord stored. Clicking on the chord trigger with the mouse will result in […]

07. Fluid Chords : MPE Visualiser

Fluid Chords hosts a first of its kind 3 lane MPE Visualiser that displays essential information on what chord is triggered, the target chord you reach when you pitch bend up and the target chord you reach when you pitch bend down.

08. Fluid Chords : Sound Presets

The hosted synth preset can be stored as a “sound preset” and loaded in the future. You can access all your sound presets in the “Synth” menu -> “Synth Name” -> Sound Presets Note – Sound presets have the extension “.FCSPreset”   8.1 Saving a sound preset You can save a new sound preset by […]

09.Fluid Chords : Chord Presets

The chords in the chord-triggers can be stored as a “Chord preset”. Chords preset have extension “.FCCPreset” 9.1 Factory Chord Presets  Presets bundled with the plugin are called Factory Presets and are not editable. Their folder paths are as follows,     9.1.1 Factory Presets on Mac OS      Shared -> Documents -> Pitch Innovations […]

10. Fluid Chords : Overview of using the Standalone App

     The standalone version is an app that will run outside the DAW and will be connected via the “Fluid Chords STANDALONE” virtual port. Please make sure to select “Fluid Chords STANDALONE” as the MIDI Output in the standalone’s “Audio/MIDI Settings” and select “No Sound” as the sound preset. Using Fluid Chords Standalone App […]

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