Groove Shaper

13. Groove Shaper : New Tool Bar

New Toolbar 1. Sequencer ON/OFF – Toggle the sequencer ON/OFF. 2. Sequencer Views Shape View: This default view visualizes rhythms using our Groove Shaper’s shape system. An asterisk symbol (*) indicates customizations.  Score View: This view shows rhythm patterns in the Western music notation system. An asterisk symbol (*) denotes customizations, similar to the Shape […]

14. Groove Shaper : New Preset Browser

Preset Browser  The new Preset Browser in GS V1.1 features a range of functions such as: CLOSE: Exit Preset Browser. FAVOURITES:Access liked presets. AUDITION:Listen to the preset demo. TRASH: Delete user preset. FACTORY: View expertly crafted Factory presets. USER: View your user presets. FAVOURITE: View favorited preset. REVERT: Undo preset selection. INIT: Reset Groove Shaper […]

12. Using Groove Shaper Lite In Pro Tools 2024.3

We’ve joined forces with Avid to seamlessly integrate Groove Shaper Lite into the latest version of Pro Tools 2024.3 What’s new in Pro Tools 2024.3? The Pro Tools 2024.3 update has landed, and it’s packed with game-changing MIDI FX support!   Say hello to MIDI Chains – You can now load MIDI plugins before an […]

11. Groove Shaper: Using Standalone App with any DAW/External Hardware

Groove Shaper Standalone App can run outside the DAW. It takes in MIDI from the MIDI input device and sends the MIDI to the DAW through the virtual MIDI port called “Groove Shaper STANDALONE” which will be created automatically on opening the standalone app.    Setting up the Standalone App with the DAW Open the […]

10. Groove Shaper: Using Groove Shaper MFX (MIDI FX format)

Tutorial Video Unleash the power of Groove Shaper MIDI FX in your DAW! This quick tutorial covers its easy integration in your favourite DAWs such as Ableton, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One, and FL Studio. Learn to effortlessly use your DAW’s stock plugins or record directly Groove Shaper’s MIDI output directly into your […]

09. Groove Shaper: Settings Menu

 Global Settings   Tempo      Ext (DAW): The sequencer’s tempo will synchronise with the DAW.       Internal: This option allows you to set an independent tempo within sequencer. Transpose – This feature enables you to transpose the input MIDI signal, allowing transposition up and down by two octaves within the range of -24 […]

08. Groove Shaper: Toolbar

1 – Undo & Redo – To undo or redo the last adjustment you made within the plug-in.  2 – Help Text – Provides help prompts to learn about the controls and function while you’re working. 3 – Sequencer Views Shape View: This default view visualises rhythms using our Groove Shaper’s shape system. An asterisk […]

07. Groove Shaper: Built-In Sampler

With the built-in sampler, you have the ability to effortlessly drag and drop audio samples from your DAW or any external browser. The sampler includes essential parameters such as volume, pitch, attack, and decay, offering comprehensive control over your audio. The folder icon located above the drag-and-drop window enables easy navigation of samples via Finder […]

06. Groove Shaper: Magic Dice

Magic Dice enables you to generate fresh rhythms, offering six algorithms to select from. These algorithms are tailored to different types of instruments, as listed below. To generate, click the button located at the centre, and you can switch algorithms by using the navigation buttons.

05. Groove Shaper: Shape Settings

Shape Settings 1.Shape Settings Menu – Toggle between the various shape settings tabs. 2.Note Velocity – This tab allows you to fine-tune the velocity of each note within a shape. Each bar corresponds to an individual note and the number of bars varies based on the shape type. These bars can be adjusted by dragging […]

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