Fluid Pitch

Fluid Pitch is an award-winning world’s first scale locked pitch bending system. It opens up new world of opportunities to flexibly bend between pitches, breaking the old school way of making music.

06.Fluid Pitch : using inside various DAWs

6.1 Logic Pro X and Mainstage Compatible Fluid Pitch plugin format: AU Insert Fluid Pitch in the MIDI FX section of the MIDI track Insert the synth in the Instrument section of the same MIDI track Match the INST. BEND RANGE in Fluid Pitch with the Pitch Bend Range of the synth. For MPE  UPSCALE/POLY […]

05.Fluid Pitch : using as Standalone App with any DAW

Fluid Pitch Standalone App can run outside the DAW. It takes in MIDI from the Keyboard and sends the MIDI to the DAW through a virtual MIDI port. In Polyphonic mode, it acts like an MPE controller. 5.1 Creating a virtual MIDI Port in MacOS Launch “Audio MIDI Setup” Open the “Window” menu and click […]

03.Fluid Pitch : MIDI Routing

3.1 Overview Fluid Pitch is a MIDI FX plugin which needs to be inserted prior to your synth or sampler to work properly, Fluid pitch does not generate any sound on it’s own. It is crucial that the INST. BEND RANGE in Fluid Pitch should match the Pitch Bend Range of the synth instrument that […]

04. Fluid Pitch : Features

4.1 Scale Locked Pitch Bend System (SLPB) Fluid pitch Introduces World’s first scale locked pitch bend system which can lock your keyboard’s pitch bend to any scale you want, giving you access to fluid pitch bending. You can also select or deselect notes to customize your own scale in the scale selection area. Our SLPB […]

02. Fluid Pitch : Installation and Activation

Login/Sign up at www.pitchinnovations.com and download the installer for Mac-OS or PC, follow the installation instructions to complete the installation process. Upon the first use, Fluid Pitch will ask for user name and password, please use the user name and password which you created on the website to activate the plugin, you will need an […]

01. Fluid Pitch : The Creative Pitch Bending Plugin

Fluid Pitch is an innovative next-generation Pitch bend system for all musicians using any standard MIDI keyboard. Give your MIDI keyboard a Smarter Pitch bend Wheel + the Micro Tuning Edge + MPE capabilities. Fluid pitch introduces the World’s first Scale-Locked-Pitch-Bend System powered by MIDI to MPE upscale engine, which gives your MIDI keyboard, A […]

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