Groove Shaper

04. Groove Shaper: Sequencer Settings

Sequencer Settings 1.Global Velocity – Use this slider to adjust the global velocity of the sequencer.   2.Global Gate – Use this slider to adjust the global gate length of the sequencer. 3.Swing – Use this slider to infuse your rhythm with the desired amount of swing.   4.Swing Preset – Select a swing preset to add […]

03. Groove Shaper: Introducing the Shape Blocks

DRAG & DROP: The lower eight blocks are known as the ‘Shape Blocks’. Users can drag and drop desired shapes into the Shape Sequencer located above. HOW SHAPE BLOCKS WORK: Shapes are represented based on the number of sides they possess, and the notes are distributed across a beat (equivalent to a quarter note). For […]

02. Groove Shaper: User Interface Guide – Header

User Interface Guide Header   1 – Host – Click here to select your preferred Synth or Sampler instruments.   2 – Time – Click here to reveal a dropdown list to choose your time signature for the Shape Sequencer.  3 – Bars – Click here to modify the loop length of the sequencer. Four […]

01. Groove Shaper: Getting Started (Plugin Scanner)

When you first open the plugin, a pop-up window will appear.  Click the ‘Scan’ button to initiate the scanning process, and it will take a few minutes to complete.  If you are satisfied with the listed plugins, click on ‘Close Scanner.’ Alternatively, if you wish to further customise the plugin list, click   ‘Add Custom […]

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